Professor Hiroo Sono

Current position(s) and relevant former positions held

- Professor of Law, Hokkaido University (2008 - present)
- Counsellor, Civil Affairs Bureau, Ministry of Justice (2006-2008)
- Professor of Law, Hokkaido University (2004-2006)
- Associate Professor of Law, Kyushu University (1998-2004)
- Associate Professor of Law, Kanazawa University (1994-1998)

Appointments (apart from the CISG AC)

- Member, Arbitration Committee, ICC Japan (2010 - present)
- Member of the Japanese Delegation to UNCITRAL Working Group VI (Secured Transactions) (2009 - present)
- Visiting Scholar, University of Virginia School of Law (2000-2001)
- Extraordinary Member of the Council of Industry Structure, Ministry of International Trade and Industry (1999-2000)
- Research Scholar, University of Michigan Law School (1990-1991)

BOOKS (in English)

 - Tom Ginsburg, Luke Nottage & Hiroo Sono eds, The Multiple Worlds of Japanese Law: Disjunctions and Conjunction. Victoria, Canada: University of Victoria Centre for Pacific-Asia Initiatives, 2001

ARTICLES (in English)

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REPRESENTATIVE ARTICLES (in Japanese; titles in brackets are translations of the original Japanese title)

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- UNIDROIT Kokusai Shoji Keiyaku Gensoku [UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts]. Tokyo: Shojihomu 2004 (translation of UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts, Rome: UNIDROIT, 1994 (co-translation with Kazuaki Sono, Hisakazu Hirose, and Takashi Uchida))

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Other relevant biographical information

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