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"We are also trying to work with government cheap celine bags officials to help us back Kuna community to ensure that these traditions remain viable," she said.

But the bag is not just molas. They are also multi-functional, modern and chic, thanks to Salazar's niece Anna Maria Plata, who works full-time in Bogota, Colombia, the foundation of her home and the home of Salazar design Leonor bag.

A trained industrial designers and experienced experts and trend cheap celine bags ukĀ  forecasters design furniture and home accessories, bags Plata ensure Leonor always stylish, while remaining functional.

"These bags are for women who appreciate art, colors and unique bags do," Plata said. "Who carries this bag woman does not want a bag that everyone has."

Plata Select all complement each other molas with her specific design celine bag cheap of leather, and leather worker she directly with a family who assembled and hand-finished Bogota each bag. She also ensures that each style contains a little "something extra" - to please special bags enthusiasts chain transformed into a cross-body clutch, hidden mirrors or luxurious suede cheap celine handbags lining.

Quality Commitment

Leonor is not a new venture. Salazar and the sunfish line Plata themed shoes, and have cheap celine bags online seen some success, several years ago several handbag design, but they decided to re-launch the brand renewed commitment to quality and style.